• Nolhaga Hem AB

    Nolhaga Hem is a new store chain within home textiles and interiors. The company headquarters is based in Alingsås, the first store will open in Trollhättan in September and the second store in Alingsås mall of Storken in October.

    Our stores offers a wide range of home textiles and interior details. The latest trends will be available but not dominating and their will be dedicated departments to the bedroom and bathroom. We want to give everybody an opportunity to renew their home with quality products at a good price, says Anders Jansson CEO and one of the founders.

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  • My Clinical Outcomes Ltd

    My Clinical Outcomes Ltd (MCO) helps healthcare organisations collect and analyse outcomes that matter to patients. MCO is accredited by the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) to help UK private hospitals meet the requirements set by the Competition & Markets Authority to collect and publish outcomes data.

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  • Center for Translational Research AB

    A long-term holding company for business within translational research. CTR is owned and operated by entrepreneurs. CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB is a subsidiary to CTR.​

    About CTC 
    CTC AB is a specialist CRO focused on the clinical conduct of clinical trials in early phase (Phase 0, I and IIa) in both healthy volunteers and patients at CTC's research clinic at the University Hospital in Uppsala. CTC AB also runs two SMO clinics for Phase II-IV studies in Uppsala and Linköping. CTC AB has since its inception five years ago rapidly expanded the business from 1.6 to 32 million SEK in annual sales.​

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  • Fenix Begravning AB

    Fenix offers its customers a simple funeral planning and booking procedure online, over the phone or through a home call. Fenix provides a straightforward process with full control of the expenses at all the stages, focusing on simplicity, security and quality. The prices are competitive, it is easy to compare the options and the customer is always aware of what s/he is paying for.​

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  • Global Hand Surgery Clinics AB

    Global Hand Surgery Clinics AB

    Conducts hand surgery at four clinics: HandCenter Gothenburg, HandCenter Stockholm, HandCenter Öresund and HandCenter Linköping, all in Sweden.

    All HandCenters are complete hand surgery clinics that investigate and treat all diagnoses in hand surgery. They employ only specialists with a broad experience of both elective as acute hand surgery.

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  • Atvexa

    Atvexa is a long-term holding company for businesses with high quality oriented preschools and schools. Atvexa owned and operated by entrepreneurs who are passionate about children's right to learn in a good environment.

    We believe that quality is the key to attract children and parents, the best people and that it is the quality which also lays the foundation for the continuous development of the business and a stable economy.

    Long-term is another key element for us. We want to help build a better future for children. A long-term ownership provides a stable environment for our employees to develop good learning environments.

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Earlier investments

  • City Office

    City Office of the World Trade Center has pushed office space and office services since 1990. The company works with companies of all sizes. Our tenants and virtual clients include many successful Swedish and international companies.

  • Vårdapoteket i Norden AB

    Vårdapoteket shall in an innovative way pursue pharmacies optimized based on the needs of goods and services that arise in healthcare close positions. The business consists of the pharmacies located at universities, counties and district hospitals in the southern and central regions of Sweden.

  • Ambea AB

    Health Care and Care through the two subsidiaries Mehiläinen OY and Carema Vård och Omsorg AB

  • Excellera AB

    Long term sick leave rehabilitation

  • Snabb-labb AB

    Health test

  • Didaktus

    Health Care Senior High Schools  (Gymnasie skola)

  • Svensk Hemservice AB

    Elderly Care and Cleaning